Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Blocking IE7 "Security Upgrade"

Now that IE7 has been officially released from Microsoft, some of my colleagues tried it out. And not with that good results:
  • One machine had both browser installed after IE7, which it shouldn't have, but did not import Favourites from old browser
  • Another machine got a version of IE7 that keeps crashing all the time
Oh yeah, and there seems to be no way to go back to IE6 again.

Another thing is, that if you do nothing, Microsoft will simply force IE7 onto you by putting it out af a high-priority "security upgrade" through Windows Update. That sucks! Fortunately, a toolkit - actually released by Microsoft - will allow you to block that particular update.

Installed the toolkit, and will now go directly to installing the new Firefox 2.0 :-)