Monday, October 16, 2006

Thinking about the dark side

All the time I've been serious about computers and programming (since I was a child), I've always been a *nix person. I started out using Slackware as my first *nix OS, and since then I've tried a lot of Linux distributions, but also worked on commercial ones like AIX and Solaris. I simply just love the powerfull command prompt with all the powerfull commands to get the job done.

Well, sometimes my work as a software consultant requires me to work with other platforms, mostly Windows. Some time ago, a customer required me to work on Windows, to develop a .Net based solution using Visual Studio, C#, ASP.NET, MSSQL Server etc.

In such situations I'm used to thinking: Let me get this done so that I can come back to a stable and powerfull development environment (some *nix). But this time, I'm thinking about wiping out my ubuntu installation and NTFS formatting it. Why is this?

Well, stuff just works in Windows. My primary computer is a (Dell) laptop. Making all the nice features in a laptop work in Linux/X-Windows is hard work. For instance the provider of the wifi card in the laptop has not made specifications public, hence the need for some serious shit like ndiswrapper to get wireless working, ... it should just work out-of-the-box, dammit!

Another problem is hibernation with my laptop. I want to close the lid and be off. And in the evening I want to open the lid and see everything as it was before. I specificly do not want a kernel panic.

Oh well, ... not all just works in windoze. Here's what I have to bear over with or try to find some solution to:
  • The command prompt just sucks. Period! Not even Windows Powershell (former Monad) can help on that one. Tried Cygwin combined with Poderosa, but Poderosa seemed to have too low quality and cygwin bash falls through too often when it has to battle the windows file system
  • I just seem to be click, click, click, clicking a lot more
  • Windows file system just sucks. It is damned slow when deleting large amounts of files (which I often do when simply doing "clean" when building my software) and boy do I just hate when windows tells me some file (not which file) is still open by someone (not who) and hence it cannot complete an unlink operation. Dude - I want the file gone!
Guess it is just a matter of time before I will shift back again, but for now, I'm on windows. That will also make it easier to explore the .Net platform a bit more. Never hurted anyone to know a little about the "the dark side" :-)


Anonymous said...

Got to your blog from your comment on

All i have to say is : shut the fuck up if you are not good enough to use other operating systems and IDE's. Just stick to your *ix and Java. Or maybe it gets you more brownie points in the community with this insane Microsoft bashing.

Per Olesen said...


I am not quite sure from what you write, but I think you mean that I am not good enough to use windows and visual studio!?

Actually, my comment on is spot on. This *is* how it is. Visual studio actually *is* unstable. And when comparing IntelliJ IDEA to visual studio, IDEA really *is* a much better IDE. Seriously. This is not just blah blah. I tried both. It (visual studio) is an inferior product.

Try to be fair here, mr. (or ms.?) anonymous: I am not just bashing windows and all things microsoft. This very post, you have commented on, actually mentions windows as being better as a desktop, on many points.

BTW: What is your opinion on IntelliJ IDEA vs. Visual Studio. Do you know both? Don't just be angry and anon; convince me that I am wrong.

yagmurunsesi said...