Friday, April 06, 2007

JRuby and Rails performance

I admit it, I am excited about what performance will be of Rails executing on JRuby. After all, JRuby is an interpreter of the Ruby language, but sitting on top of a virtual machine. Hmm! But then again, I have been using Matz' Ruby VM for executing my Ruby code, and that certainly is no race horse when compared to what the amazing, superb JVM can do today with all its optimization voo-doo.

Some stuff that caught my eye lately with respect to (J)Ruby execution speed:
  • If you read Charless Nutter, you will know that the JRuby project is closing in on a 1.0 release and performance is one of the things they are looking at.
  • I just saw a presentation by Gilad Bracha from Sun about their work for supporting dynamic languages on the JVM. Basically, it is a new byte-code instruction called "invokedynamic" and about hotswapping code while keeping type-safety (JSR-292)
Of cause, the JRuby project will have to rewrite their interpreter into a compiler for native JVM byte-code when (if) JSR-292 comes through on its promises, but boy, will that be cool for performance of my Rails projects deployed on the Java Platform :-)

JSR-292 is actually targeted for Dolphin, ...

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