Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A good xml schema documentation tool?

I am looking for a good tool to help browsing around in a huge amount of xml schema definitions with a lot of interactions between. A little googling around gave me the list below, but I can't say I knew any of them beforehand, not even by name:
Do you have any positive or negative experiences about the above tools or know of another great tool for xml schema browsing and documenting?


Anjan Bacchu said...

hi there,

I heard that XML spy(payware) is pretty good for documenting schemas (including WSDLs).


Per Olesen said...

Yeah, we have actually been there. It (xmlspy) can do a lot of nice stuff, but with the huge amount of schemas an interaction it seems to miss our use.

Anonymous said...


No DocFlex/XML - XMLDoc is not an XML Schema Documentation tool!

Rather, you should use DocFlex/XML - XSDDoc. It's a really good thing which is indeed designed to swallow huge amount of xml schema definitions.

Also, hurry until it is free. That is not going to last so forever. Now, we have 500+ downloads a months and need to make some money from it. Otherwise, it keeps back any further development...

Concerning opinions in Internet... Well, I can say the opinions are made by those who have money for this. You have money -- you make a buzz about you stuff, no matter what it actually is (good or bad).

If you really want to know the truth about the product, just try it by yourself. That's how it works...

Leonid Rudy