Wednesday, June 27, 2007

JetBrains should be making/maintaining the idea:idea maven plugin

I am a regular user of the maven idea plugin to auto-generate the IDEA project files from the POM sources. But, lately I have been having a bit of trouble.

There are settings that I apply in IDEA, that the plugin cannot generate. Hence, the next time I generate new project files, these settings are overridden. One example is the new facets feature in Selena, which adds support for JPA, Spring and Hibernate. The idea maven plugin cannot generate these settings in the project files.

So, why are JetBrains not actively contributing, to keep the plugin usable and up-to-date? It would make their IDE easy (easier) to use on maven projects. Just like they are now doing with the new maven integration in upcoming IDEA7.


Alexander Shvets said...

In version 7 they have "Import Projects" from Eclips, JBuilder and Maven. It will provide you with same functionality as mvn idea;idea

Per Olesen said...

Hey, you're right. It is in the latest #7027. Just tried it out though, and it failed on me. But okay, it is not release software yet :-)

BTW: I think I would still prefer a maven plugin, that JetBrains maintained. With it inside IDEA, I will have to wait for complete IDEA releases to get support for new maven pom features or bugfixes.