Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What is the best way to read JavaBlogs?

I have been a regular reader og JavaBlogs through a long time now, and I have always been doing it through the "20 most read latest day" daily email. It seemed to work well, as I would "only" have to process 20 links a day from JavaBlogs, and most of the time, they would have some kind of relevance to me.

But, as I am trying to get rid of all my email newsletters and converting everything to rss/atom feeds, I tried the Popular Entries feed for JavaBlogs. But boy, there is a lot of traffic on that feed.

What is your preferred way of reading javablogs?

I am actually thinking of quitting it completely. Most of the stuff appears on DZone anyway.

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Anonymous said...

I still use the javablogs web interface and save my RSS feeds to some concrete bloggers.