Friday, August 31, 2007

A Good PHP-based Wiki?

What is the best (or simply a pretty good) PHP-based wiki-tool?

It should:
  • Have highly customizable layout
  • Have wiki-only focus (tikiwiki for instance, is not)
  • Be secure, as in easy to make safe against spammers
  • Low on requirements to hosting environment (running in safe mode, ...)
  • Use a mysql backend
Is MediaWiki the best of breed or are there other and better alternatives?


Anonymous said...

check out deki wiki. It is the best that I have seen.

Per Olesen said...

Thanks for the tip. I didn't know deki wiki, and it was an interesting trip into what seems a nice and polished wiki.

Unfortunalety, I think it fails on my needs for customizing the layout. I can upload a new logo and I can provide css. That seems to be it. I cannot remove the "Home" button in the bar, I cannot remove the "My Page" button in the bar, and so on.

But thanks for the tip anyway!

Per Olesen said...

This link to WikiMatrix can provide lots of info on wikis. Not only PHP-based ones.