Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The JetBrains IDEA Commander Plugin - Take the Poll

I am a long time IDEA user and I like it. But there is one "feature" I am still to discover the wonders of. The Commander, which can be activated by pressing Alt-2 in an open project.

Can someone please explain to me, what this "feature" can help me with in my development work?

It looks like some kind of file commander, but it is not. Well, naturally, I googled it, and this documentation from JetBrains on IDEA Commander came up. From this, it seems that it is for mass copy, move, ... operations. Okay, cannot say I have missed it. Actually, I always start by assigning the Alt-2 keybinding to something else like Ant Build.

Are you using The Commander? Take the poll at right.

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Jim Clark said...

I've used IDEA for almost 6 years and have still not found a use for commander. Every time I open the commander by mistake I think to myself, "what is this feature good for?"