Monday, August 06, 2007

Speedlinking about Google PageRank

Today I noticed that my Google (toolbar) Page Rank has mysteriously gone from 2/10 to 0/10. What? Not good. As a consequence of this, I googled a bit about page rank and how it works, to try and figure out what happened. Here are some links for you...

Of course, google should be the source on the google page rank algoritm, but their explanation is very simple. I then found the original article by Sergey and Brin on the PageRank algorithm, which of course is a bit academic. I then read Ian Rogers' "Page Rank Explained", which was quite informative but still gave me no answer on what went wrong. The former two links were a bit technical (which can be good), whereas the article Google PageRank: What Do We Know About It by Smahing Magazine provides some good overall conclusions. Of course, also wikipedia has an explanation on PageRank.

Unfortunately, I am still left with an open question on want happened. I know I have not changed anything or tried to do any SEO. What I suspect might have happended is something in the lines of:
  • my (relatively small) pagerank of 2, might have been based on a small number of high ranked incoming links
  • some of these sites have changed their pages linking to me in ways, that gives less ranking to me from them (for instance, by having a lot more links on the page than the one to me)
  • google has been running one of its updates of all the page ranks, which is suggested to happen periodically
Anyways, I got to feel how google can make it or break it for you, with their pageranking...

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