Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tip: Starting KDE Konsole with all your favourite tabs open

When developing software, I often have multiple tabs open in Konsole, all of which I have changed directory into some place like: One for trunk, one for starting my server, one for the debugger, one for executing tests... When I boot and startup Konsole again, I go through opening all the tabs and changing directory to the places I need in each of them. How tiring that is.

Well, there is a better way.
  • Open Konsole
  • Open and setup all the tabs you need
  • Goto Settings->Save Session Profile and enter a name that fits, say "foo"
Now, the next time you start Konsole, you can do it with "konsole --profile foo" and it will open up as when saved. Nice. Also, you can do "konsole --profiles" to list all saved profiles.

Oh how I wish I had something like konsole on windows.


Bruno Vernay said...

Note that foo isn't the path to the file but just the file name !
I loosed some time trying to launch
konsole --profile /home/toto/.kde/share/apps/konsole/profiles/foo

and it doesn't work nor send any error message.

Per Olesen said...

Yeah, exactly! Sorry if the use of "foo" was misleading in the example.

Anonymous said...

unfortunately in KDE4 this feature is removed so actually it does not work