Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day: City Bikes in Copenhagen Denmark

Today is Blog Action Day 2007 about environment, and this is my contribution.

I live in Denmark in the city of Copenhagen, and I would like to put emphazis on something simple that can be done for the environment. Here, we have city bikes, which are bikes you can grab and use to get around, without any expense. It works like a shopping cart. You put in a coin to get the cart out of its holder, and get the coin back, when you replace the bike in another holder somewhere in the city. Nice and easy!

What this can do for the environment is not so much the lesser use of cars to get around, but what else it brings. Like the fact, that there is emphazis on making it more easy to get around in Copenhagen on bikes. Something that is good for all bikers, and which might bring more bikers and less cars around.

So, why not start this up in your city?

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