Wednesday, October 03, 2007

No Project-Level Encoding in IDEA 7

In short: If you would like to be able to set a charset encoding for your sources at the project level in IDEA, I urge you to vote for this jira issue at JetBrains.

Some time ago I wrote and released the encoding-plugin for IDEA to let you set a project encoding that is then checked against the IDE-level setting.

This plugin was a response to the old issue on the need for a real project level charset encoding in IDEA, and with the relese of my plugin, a new debate was spawned on the jira issue at JetBrains. Suddenly, someone discussed it and JetBrains seemed to take notice.

Well, the other day I received a mail notice from the jira instance at JetBrains, telling me, that the issue have been moved to be fixed in "Next IDEA Version" (which is the one after v7). Dammit!

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